Sibelius Essentials update 5.2/Powerbook G4

My set up:
1.6 ghz PowerPC G4
start-updisc n
VDL 2.5.1
Sibelius 5.2

Good morning,

I successfully upgraded to Sibelius 5.2 from 5.1
I successfully installed the VDL 5.2 sound set in my sounds folder
I went to the Sibelius website and downloaded the Sibelius Essentials
I double-clicked on the essentials updated.dmg and then double-clicked the
install icon
I am getting a message that tells me that I cannot install this sound set on my
When I open Sibelius and open the playback devices, the onyl sounds available in the
Kontakt player 2 (AU) are:  VDL Soundset 5.2 and VDL 2.5 

Anyone know if I cannot upgrade to 5.2 including the Sibelius Essentials on my Powerbook?
There's no info on the Sibelius downloads page that requires a patch or says this
cannot be done.

Help, please!!!!!
Take care,
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Problem solved.  Insert disc.  Click on
other applications.  Run installer using disc.

Special thanks to Gabriel Cobos for his
help with this minor bump in the 'ole
technology road.
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