Instrument Change Announcements

Is there a way to eliminate the instrument change announcements through a preference menu without having to go through and eliminate all of them?  I would like to keep them, however, every time a make an instrument change, I get overlapping announcements at the end of the previous instrument.  One announcement says go to the old instrument and one says go to the new instrument.  How do I fix this?
You can choose for these not to display at the time you're creating your instrument change. When you arrive at the ";Instrument Change"; window, there's a checkbox at the bottom that allows you to deactivate this feature.

If you have a bunch of these in your score that you'd like to globally delete, you can collectively select them all with Sibelius's Advanced Filter (Edit>Filter>Advanced Filter). Before invoking the filter, do a ";Select All"; (ctrl-a or cmd-a on mac), then be sure to make the following selections. Once you've done this, simply hit the delete key to eliminate the text that was selected by the filter.

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Thanks so much!
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