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This is a question for the Finale users out there.  I havent had this problem until today.  Im using the tempo tap feature in Hyperscribe and always got it to work.  Today, however, it isnt playing back the tempo I tapped. When I hit edit on the tempo tap I see the diagram where I slowed down the tempo, but it doesnt play it back.  I have Human playback turned off.  Is there a controller setting or something Im missing that would cause this?

I've never used Hyperscribe or the Tap Tempo feature so I can specifically answer the question. However, possibly Scott H. or one of the other real Finale geniuses can help. Also, I'll look into it as well.

Ted Boliske
Sounds strange.  I always try trashing my preferences first when things are not working right:

1.  C:\Program Files\Finale 2006\
2.  Delete these two files:

They have a type of ";Configuration Settings";

Trash those two files [b]with Finale closed[/b] and see if it works better after restarting Finale..  If it doesn't get any better, then you may want to clear the MIDI Data in this area as it may be conflicting with some other stuff from earlier, or maybe has gotten corrupt.

1.  Mass Edit Tool
2.  Highlight region
3.  Go to the Mass Edit Menu -->Clear Items...
4.  choose only the following:
[li]Performance Data[/li]
[li]Tempo data[/li]
[li]Continuous Data[/li]

You might be able to get away with only clearing TEMPO DATA, but I like to clear them all in case it has corrupt MIDI information there.
Well I tried both options and unfortunately, neither worked.  I used the mass edit tool to delete the data and re-entered the tempo tap.  I even thought my space bar wasnt working but when I hit ";edit"; on the tempo tap button it shows where I slowed down.  SO I know the data is there.  Finale just doesnt want to play it back.  I also deleted the .ini files.  I just had to re-enter some settings with that. 

Im using tempo tap because Im trying to get my finale file to lineup with an mp3 of the band score.  When I combine the two, I want them to be synced.  I could email the file if you like.  Like I said earlier, Ive never had this issue so I'm a little lost. 

Can you email me both files at 

I will try them here.  This sync isn't going to be a perfect science but it should work enough for you to have the file there and synced enough to write along with.  I have done this with pretty good success.

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