Midi Keyboard "Map" Set up

Hello all,

I finally got everything to work great!

I was just wondering if there was a way to create your own ";map"; (thats what its called on finale) for sibelius MIDI keyboard input.  I have searched around on the forum (as well as sibelius itself) and  I am having trouble finding where it would be.  I have a midi keyboard and the OCD side of me wants to create my own template so i can find the sound i want faster.

Thank you for all of your help,

Andy Jackson
You're welcome
Ahh, This makes sense now...

I was asking how to make my own layout for the sound set, when i was searching before the last post i came across the keymap and must of not put two and two together.  The keymap solves my problem.

Thanks for the link, and Kudos for taking the time to lay out the keymap for everyone Hugh.

Sounds to me like Andy wants to create his own template (or rather, modify the Finale template provided for with VDL).
Hi Andy - I'm not quite sure what you're asking. The Sibelius 5.2 template contains mappings for every single instrument in VDL so you won't have to go to the time-consuming trouble of creating your own template. The template, and a bunch of tutorial videos can be found here:

If you're simply looking for a graphical diagram of what sounds are assigned to what keys, you can either check out your VDL 2.5 manual which contains a majority of the complex ones, or I'd highly recommend you check out Hugh Smith's keymaps which you can read about at:
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