Where to find replacement parts?

I'm looking for a place online or otherwise to order some replacement parts for marching drums. Specifically, I need a lug casing or two, for a set of Yamaha tenors that was graciously donated to our group. I checked the Yamaha site and didn't see anything, I did a quick google search but only found dealers that sell generic drumset lugs. I know that the marching tenors use a different casing than the drumset drums, but if it comes down to it I may just have to go with something that's close enough to the others and hope it holds.

Any thoughts?
Give a call to the big names...

Columbus Percussion
Steve Weiss
(insert other big name here)

I've been pretty successful getting parts from a local shop or two as well.  Try to find a parts diagram on the manufacturers site to get part numbers and try googling that as well.
Steve Weiss tenor accessories catalogue pages (2 total):

Maybe you can find what you're looking for there. Or call them and tell them what you need. Steve Weiss can get you any percussion instrument you can think of.
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