Problem with Djembe Notehead Mappings in 5.2 template?

Hi Everyone,

I'm encountering a problem while trying to get a certain sound to play back from the 14 Inch Djembe stave. I'm using Sibelius 5.2 and the new 5.2 template that was recently released from Tapspace. I'm running on a MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz with 2 GB of RAM and Mac OS 10.5.4. For input I am using a Korg K-25 midi keyboard.

The issue I'm having is when trying to enter the ";dampened slap"; sound for either right or left hand. When entering the notes into the score from the keyboard (B3 and Bb2) I hear the correct sounds, however upon playback of the score or clicking on the newly entered notes I hear the ";muted slap"; sound played back (which corresponds with A3 and C3 on the keyboard). It appears that both sounds are sharing the same notehead, 40, and I believe that is the root of the problem. Does anyone have any idea how I can access the ";dampened slap"; sound I am looking for? I've been through a bunch of different noteheads with no luck. I could keep trying them all, but what if none of them are mapped to the sound? Is there a way I can map the sound myself?

Is there another possible cause for my problem that is unrelated to the notehead mapping? I'd really appreciate any help I can get as my show this year will feature djembes sprinkled throughout.

Thanks in advance!
Have you added the staccato ";dot"; articulation to the note?

I just discovered that as I got your reply. I had tried that earlier, but had only clicked on the note once the articulation was in place (which still plays back as a muted slap), but when you play the score back using the transport controls it sounds as it should. Problem solved.

Thanks for your reply!!

-- Ron
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