Water Triangle?

Hey guys,

I'm in the process of finishing up my last show for the fall and found this instrument while browsing VDL:2.5 and really liked what I heard. Hawever, I can't find anything online concerning techniques and/or equipment to reproduce the sound live. Could someone please enlighten me on the finer aspects of the Water Triangle?

water triangle, gong, etc. is just dipping it in a container of water after you strike it. 
Okay, so there's no equipment that works better than others? The only reason that I ask is because a couple weeks ago I filled my kitchen sink with water and tried using my small Grover triangle. It just seemed to mute the sound instead of bend the pitch so I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong. Guess I'll just have to experiment.

BTW - Just got back from Bloomington. Congrats to Rennick, Regiment, and all the other groups that I saw that threw down. A great year for drum corps!
Experiment. It's fun! :) Try using a smaller container, like a stainless steel bowl. At Cavaliers, we actually used a tibetan bowl with water in it this summer to bend the pitch of a chappa struck with a triangle beater.

Careful not to dip too deep...
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