DCI Finals and SCV!

I am so honored and excited to have DCI Finals and SCV in my backyard!  I live in Bloomington and riding my bike to the lot is one of the greatest days ever.  SCV plays the best lot book ever and tonight I will go into the show to see what happens on the field.  I'm sure it will be awesome.  SCV has always been my favorite corps mostly due to the kick ass writing from Murray Gusseck and co.  I am just rambling and there is no point except WOOO HOOO DRUM CORPS ESP SCV!
I heard murray didn't write the show book, just the lot book. Is that true?
Brian Mason was the percussion arranger for SCV. He did the front ensemble in '06 and '07 but wrote the whole book this year.
thanks for the info! i'll get you some karma when i'm a full member.  how many posts do i need?
haha. i just became able to give karma.  must be 25 posts!
No problem. Brian teaches percussion at my college now. I don't know him really well since he started teaching the year after I graduated but he seems like a really good guy from the conversation's I've had with him. I believe there are also a handfull of Morehead State students marching in SCV as well now.
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