"stuck notes" and bottle necks with sibelius 5.1

   I have been reading almost every topic with the word ";playback"; in it to solve my problem with no results. so here goes.

When i am playing back a score with winds, drumline, and a 9 person pit, I get what I believe to be:
[b]bottle necks[/b] (silence for a few counts and then all the notes that were supposed to be played all sound at once) which happens in all parts
[b]stuck notes[/b] (note before bottle neck will  sustain indefinitely until I mute it) for some reason only in the woodwinds parts and no brass or perc
I have 3 instances of k2 (2 for vdl2.5 and 1 for sound essentials)

The errors happen in the same places depending on where I start playing from. Starting 20 bars before it will happen but not 10, which seems really weird to me.
I would think that this was a problem with what I have written in Sibelius, but the errors do not happen all the time.

I have read the latency tutorials for sibelius and I have tried every latency buffer setting available including 0 and have not resolved this issue.
I have also turned down the sustaining sounds.  It all still happens in the same spots. 
I have tried changing the dfd settings in k2 but when I do K2/Sibelius crashes (spinning circle until I force quit)
I have watched the activity monitor and nothing spikes when this happens (including the hard drive) I have very little cpu usage and small % of ram usage.

I believe my computer has more than enough stats to run this complicated of a score, but I have no idea what else to do.

exporting audio for the score avoids the issues but i would like to avoid exporting every time I make a change to a large chunk.

I thank you in advance for you assistance


Hello!  I had that problem yesterday.  I opened up a new Sibelius
5.1 template, copied in what I had and it worked fine.  That perhaps
is not the most technically sound solution, but it works.  The
problem of sharing seems a likely cause as well.

Take care,

Thanks for reporting back with the good news. Glad to know you're up and running! If you do learn of anything tangible that may have contributed to the problem, let us know. Always good to know of potential things to look out for.

I am running the most recent mac leopard 10.5.4 and my sound is coming through m-audio project mix firewire interface (core audio driver)

I still had the problem no matter how long the program was open (just after sleep while Sibelius was open or even a fresh boot of the system)
It always happened in the same spots but not every time (when I started playback closer to the problem area it would be fine.)

I did find a solution to my problem.  I selected all and copied all of the music, text, everything to a new file with matching staves.  this solved my problem playback was perfect and it even seemed smoother.  I got excited and stupidly I saved this new file over the old one so the original is gone (i will check my back up score files for a copy of the old one)

I am still unsure as to what happened, but I know now that there weren't any resolved ties or midi messages since I copied everything exactly.  maybe the original sib file got corrupted or I accidentally changed some setting in playback.  I will check the back up files and if I do have one I will search it to find what was going on.

Thanks for the replies and help
[quote author=chazg link=topic=2651.msg14111#msg14111 date=1218471053]
I have a similar issue but this may be Vista related. It also exists in 5.2.

When I try and play back a score, I get about a 3 or 4 second delay after pressing play. Then I hear a sound then the playback starts about 3 measures in from where I wanted it to start.[/quote]

I have experienced this playback delay as well but with Sibelius 5.1.�� For me it seems to be a problem if I leave the computer for a period of time and return to do more work.�� Its almost as if my computer does not fully awake.�� [u]After closing Sibelius and reopening - no problems[/u].�� It only seems to occur after letting Sibelius stay open and unused for an extended period of time and seems more frequent the past 5 or 6 weeks.

I personally think that this is a quirk in Vista.
I have a similar issue but this may be Vista related. It also exists in 5.2.

When I try and play back a score, I get about a 3 or 4 second delay after pressing play. Then I hear a sound then the playback starts about 3 measures in from where I wanted it to start.

I started a helpdesk ticket with Sibelius and they pointed out that my Soundcard (Creative Audigy X-Fi) was the issue and I should get an M-Audio or other pro level sound card. After doing so, It still behaves the same way. I have made the suggested changes with buffers, added KP2 instances and still to no avail.

Wether this is a Vista issue or a bad Sibelius install has yet to be determined. My next step is to do a clean Vista install (on new hard drive) and re-install Sibelius without the Creative card in the system and test.

Rob, what OS are you using? What Soundcard are you using? PC or MAC?
Hi Rob,

Thanks for the detailed account. Here are a few suggestions to help guide the troubleshooting:

1) See if you can isolate a specific staff (or staves) that are causing the glitch. This could provide further information.

2) Are there any unresolved ties? Any controller changes? (i.e., dynamic info from the cres/dim plugin)

3) Is it possible that multiple staves may be sharing an common instrument patch (from Essentials or VDL) that could be conflicting with each other?

My guess is that there's a logical solution as to why you're experiencing this. It may just not be immediately obvious, so requires a little more investigation. While you're working through the troubleshooting, I'd also recommend you check with the folks at Sibelius support to see if they offer other ideas.

Keep us posted.
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