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Hello all!

        I'm spending the next 2-3ish years getting prepared for grad school. I recently became very aware that drumset is a major weakness for me. I really only grew up on rock/pop and I don't know anything about world/jazz beyond the stereotypical stock beats. Does anyone know of any great audio/internet/book resources that I can study? I'd especially love CD examples for specific styles because I really want to integrate the style in context (I'm pretty sure i'm not supposed to do an awesome rock fill every 4 bars of a bossa nova :)

        If i'm not being too picky, I'd love specifics. I've seen posts on other forums that answer this question with ";listen to everything you can!";. Which I understand and respect, but I need more direction in order to focus on getting all my bases covered for auditions.

anything from Riley, Soph, and the likes.

The art of bop drumming and beyond bop drumming are really good. Tapspace has a few great books as well. Royal Hartigans book was a little too much for me but it was still a good read.
I studied with Steve Houghton and I like many of the books he puts out especially Essential Styles, which will take you through many styles with a play a long.  I also recommend Jazz Drummers' Reading Workbook by Joe Morgan (i think).  It is a great way to start playing big band style charts as well as improving general reading.  Art of Bop Drumming I can second as a classic and part of standard rep for many jazz drummers.  The Drumset Soloist by Steve Houghton is also a great book to work on soloing in many styles to a play along CD.
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