Cavaliers 2008


Let me be the first to congratulate you and the rest of the team on yet another great year with the corps. This years show from a percussive standpoint was definitely a step in a different direction for DCI. I saw one of the first shows in Oswego, and was blown away with the timbres that you and Erik were able to create on the field. Watching that show evolve over the summer was definitely a treat! The guys definitely did a great job and I can't wait to see what you guys pull out next year!

Matt Jordan
I second that.  Definitely the coolest show of the year... as usual.
A well deserved Golf Clap for you and the boys.
It is an amazing show yet again from the Cavies.  The design was great and definitely world class. I'm sad more people can't win 1st, because this would be a show I would want to see in first place. And the drumline rocked hard!!
[quote author=Bryan Harmsen link=topic=2654.msg14110#msg14110 date=1218466198]
I second that.  Definitely the coolest show of the year... as usual.

I agree one both accounts.
Hey guys - thanks for the nice compliments. [i]Samurai[/i] was a really fun show to help create, and I was blown away with how the guys brought it to life on Saturday night. Ideas are already underway for next season, so stay tuned for more fun and excitement!

Thanks again guys!
samurai was awesome..... especially being able to be at the audition camps.. it was an learning experience
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