Program Changes in Finale 2006

I am trying to figure out how to do a program change in Finale 2006 I already found information and know how to load instruments in to one bank in the VDL 2.5 K2 program and am already doing that. Now I just need the sounds to work in Finale 2006. I read what Finale has in the user guide and did that, but I hear no sounds. So, I am thinking I got the numbers wrong when I enter a patch change when I create a patch change using the expression tool. I am sure this has been addressed before, so please point me to a thread that addresses this. Thanks.
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Make sure that when you make a Program Change that you are setting the Playback Type = PATCH and then choose ";Bank Select 0, Program Change"; from the drop down.  The Bank Select is the ";Channel"; if you will and then the Program number is the slot the sound is in.  Here is a screenshot that might be helpful from my writing.  These are from a Mac, but it will be the same on Windows.  The look is a bit different in 2009, but the functionality is the same in 2006.  I just do not have that version any longer on this machine.
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