Aungst and Larrivee Resigning

It's sad to see two legends stepping down, but they've certainly earned it.

Best of luck to them both!
Tom Aungst is amazing. His writing is more than sufficient, and the approach they take is going to be different, so i'm looking forward to that.

The End of an Era, brings dawn to a new breed. Lets hope they triumph
Can't say I didn't see this coming with McNutt being picked up a while ago.
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Can't say I didn't see this coming with McNutt being picked up a while ago.

That was my immediate thought as well.
Those guys have been doing a great job for a long time.�� If Colin is indeed the new guy, it would be cool to see Hannum involved at some level.�� I have to admit I sometimes still think about the ";next Prime/Hannum show";.
With Mike McIntosh leaving Blue Coats, Fiedler in as corps director at SCV, Neil and Tom leaving Cadets with McNutt moving in, and Saucedo leaving the Cavies as the brass arranger.... that's quite a bit of ";movement"; in the DCI world. Jim and Murray will have some new friends to play with next season... :)
Jeff Fiedler is the CEO of SCV, not the corps director. I'm sure they will announce a corps director at some point in the near future but Jeff Fiedler was brought in last year to oversee the organization as a whole.
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With Mike McIntosh leaving Blue Coats


NO! That was the corp i was planning on trying out for this year, and i was hoping to make it and have McIntosh write and be my instructor. Dang it......
where are Mac and D. Saucedo going?
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where are Mac and D. Saucedo going?

I read up on the Blue Coats Website, and McIntosh is leaving for personal things.

";.... I will keep them close for a long time as I re-direct my energy into my passion for family, friends, electronic music and digital design.";


As for Saucedo,

";..... I have resigned my position of brass arranger so that i can spend more time with family. This will also allow me to focus more on my teaching responsibilities with Carmel High School, as well as my concert band and orchestral writing projects.";

from the looks of things, a lot of people just need ";me"; time for themselves, which shouldn't be a problem for us to give them, seeming everyone that has been involved, has been around for a while. I'm not as familiar with Saucedo, but I know McIntosh has been around, as well as Aungst.
Seems like Tom will still be doing at least some corps :-D !!

This is a great grab by the Blue Stars.
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