Top Snare samples for the next VDL?

Dear VDL tech wizards:

The one thing missing in the vastness of the VDL sound library is the sample of a marching snare with a batter side snare option. 

I would like to submit the idea for your next round of VDL (Manual Snare/Light):
* Top snares on, with full compliment of sticks/rods/brushes, playing position, shots/pings, rolls/crushes samples.
* Turn on/off top snares (that not so quiet snap the mechanism makes when switched)

Now maybe I've missed something or there is a common workaround, but this seems to be missing for anyone writing for Yamaha or Dynasty marching snares. 

Its my understanding that you guys used your SCV instruments for the recordings, meaning that you probably used the Pearls, who btw only offer such things in their Pipe drums (why? I don't get it, but its an argument I've actually had with a Pearl VP).  I can understand how this was not done, but it would be nice to have for the rest of us.

Thanks for listening.
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Hi Headkicker. Good idea. We'll be sure to add this to the list of feature requests. Thanks!
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