some but not all instruments playback

Hey Guys,

I've got a problem where my battery instruments are not ";playing back"; but my pit instruments are along with the winds.  If I switch to another score, everything plays back perfectly.  I've verified that they are both setup the same in the mixer.  Nothing is muted in either Kontakt or Sibelius... when I use the ";test"; button, it responds with an appropriate sound.  Also, when I input notes in the non functioning score, it does not playback a sound but all my other scores are okay.

Please help!  Oh and the only thats not correct in the signature is that I am using VDL2.5 now...
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I've had problems with that before. The only way i could fix that was opening the most recent back-up file.

Goodluck to you and hopefully one of the older members can help more.
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