First time user with vdl

I just purchased vdl 2.5 I'm very excited about using it with finale 2007 and maybe 2009.  Has any used a sound blaster x_fi platinum fatality sound card with these? if so do you get good results? being a first time user with vdl will finale load the sounds automatically or do I have to do something special? I'm sure I'll have lots more questions. Thanks for the info.

Windows xp
1 gig ram
3.06 ghz
The Quick Start guide has all the info you'll need for getting started in VDL, along with some pretty pictures.

Also, the Support section of the website has some great links and FAQ's as well.

...and as always, most of the setup ";problems"; and solutions can be found by doing a quick search of the forum.

As for the Sound Blaster, it'll be a major improvement over whatever stock card or chip your computer came with.  If you get Finale 2009, you can make use of the ASIO driver support for improved playback (although some people have had trouble with Creative's poor ASIO drivers, so you might have to switch back to using the Direct Sound driver).

Thanks for the info on the cards. Since posting, I think I've narrowed it down to the Audiophile 2496 from M-audio. It seems to be the card of choice for Tapspace as well. (Found it on the Tapspace web site) Hopefully I will get everything up and running soon with the new card. If I have any problems, I'll shout out to you guys.

Thanks again
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