Lullaby for front ensemble?

We're putting the finishing touches on our fall program titled ";Dreams.";  We want to do a pre-show thing where the guard all falls asleep (insert your favorite guard joke here) , and in our last design meeting I suggested having the front ensemble play a lullaby, or a nocturne or something suggesting bedtime before all of the nightmares and such start.  Does anyone know of any published marimba/vibe duets, trios or quartets that might fill the bill?  I'm in the greater Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area, so I will have to go through Steve Weiss or JW Pepper to order, not alot of great sheet music stores close.  I have  a piano book with some (Irish composer) John Field nocturnes somewhere in my library that I can't seem to find or have lent out.  Any ideas?

Many thanks.
To me, the Debussy percussion transcriptions of ";Claire de Lune"; or ";Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum"; would be the ";dreamiest."; A little searching should yield who transcribed those, or better yet, who published them.

Let us know what you pick -- this is an interesting idea!
Brahms Lullaby is what comes to mind for me.  i don't know of any published versions, but I'd bet a nickel there is one somewhere.  If you need some one to transcribe it, I'm sure many people on this board would be willing to help you out or point you in the right direction.  It would be fun to do.
Just curious... are you doing the Key Poulan show? Or original concept?
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Just curious... are you doing the Key Poulan show? Or original concept?

We're doing the Key Poulan show.  We are having a blast with it.  A few on our staff  bristled a bit about a ";stock"; show, but it has turned out to be a homerun for us so far.  Key really knows how to write and pace for marching band.

Thanks for the ideas.  I downloaded a copy of the piano score from ";Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum"; and am fiddling around with it now.  I think it might be what we are looking for. It lays really well for 5 octave marimba and vibraphone accompaniment in Debussy's original key.  I've slowed the tempo down about 30 clicks and the first draft sounds pretty nice; my 10-year old daughter thought it sounded ";sweet"; so I must be on the right track.  While researching last night, I came across a version Bela Fleck recorded.  Who would have thought of a banjo as a nice lullaby instrument?  Keep the ideas coming, I really appreciate the input.  Many thanks.
Hey man...what school are you with?  I also teach in Kentucky...
Might be a bit out on a limb here, and its John Cage, but still it almost did put me in a dream like state when i heard it played on vibes. Sounds pretty cool, here is a video of it on youtube.

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Hey man...what school are you with?  I also teach in Kentucky...

Dave-- Tom Mueller here.  How's things down in Berea?
Gotcha!  Hope all is going well....things are going well here...
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