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Soooooo . . .
I purchased Finale 2009 a few weeks ago as an upgrade from Finale 07. I already had VDL 2.5 and when I went to write my books and tried to play back after switching the HPB to ";Marching Band"; the program crashed. It will only play back in ";Standard"; or  ";None."; Any thoughts?!? or is there another way to get my diddles to play back correctly?

When exactly does Finale crash?  When you make the change to the Marching Band HP setting, or when you press play/edit a note?

1) Open that score
2) Go to File -> MusicXML -> Export
3) Save an XML 2.0 document to your desktop
4) Close the document you are in, then go back to File -> MusicXML -> Import
5) Import the XML file you just saved
6) Go to Playback Settings -> Human Playback Style and select Marching Band

Does it crash still?

Hey Justin,

I tried the the import and not only did it crash, it rearranged my percussion map for my battery instruments.

Any other ideas would be much appreciated!!!

Go to Playback Settings -> Human Playback Style and select Custom.  Set the ";Copy Settings From"; dropdown to Marching Band.

Does it still crash?
OK, I looked at your document and HP is crashing when processing Ornaments.

Here's a quick fix-

Go to Playback Settings -> Human Playback Style and select Custom.  Copy the settings from Marching Band, and under Interpret, uncheck ";Trills, Ornaments, and Tremelos";.

For any measure that does not play back correctly (like any diddles), select the Selection Tool, select the measure, go to Plugins -> TG Tools -> SmartPlayback.

For what it's worth, you have an articulation somewhere that is causing the crash.  This way is going to be a bit more work.

1) Save a copy of the document
2) In that copy, select the Selection Tool
3) Click on a measure and press Ctrl + A to select all
4) Go to Edit Menu -> Clear Selected Items
5) Click None, then place a check next to ";articulations"; and press OK

The document should playback fine now with the regular Marching Band setting, but you'll either have to figure out which marking caused it or re-enter them all...

PS-I also noticed that you were using one of the older templates created in Finale 2004.  I would highly suggest downloading and using the 2008 versions, since weird things can happen on occasion with templates that are 5 versions old.  Also, it would be a good idea to pull in all of the default libraries (File -> Load Library) for the font you use on any new document you start with a template.
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