Setting Fianle to Host K2 as a plug-in

I'm running finale 06, with vdl 2.5 and I'm trying to host it as a plug-in, and I get down to the 4th step in the user manual, and I can check where it says Play Finale through Native Instruments VST, but when I try to go to NI VST Setup which is also under the midi menu, I can't select anything for Channels 1-16. (Or any of them for that matter.) I should be able to select Kontact Player 2 but I just get a blank line. ---

Well I hope this hasn't been answered, I searched, but it's kind of a specific question.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
Go to C:\Program Files\Finale 2006\Finale VST.�� Is there a KontaktPlayer2.dll file there?

If not, go to C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player 2\VST Plugins.  Locate the KontaktPlayer2.dll file, and copy and paste it to the Finale VST folder.
Also, keep in mind that this will not work on Macintosh with Finale 2006 as Finale 2006 was never tested with the KP2 technology.  I have seen this work on Windows (by work I mean able to be selected), but you may run into issues with Human Playback simply because they are not technically compatible.  It seems to work OK though.
Ok, the only .dll file in the kontact 2 folder is KontactPlayer2DXi.dll, and that's the one that I put in my finale VST folder.
That DXi version is the DirectX plugin format.�� Finale won't read that...

When you installed VDL 2.5, did you install the VST version?  If not, throw the DVD back in and just install the component files for the VST format.
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