Sounds correct with Keyboard Input, but incorrect in Playback

I am having a problem with the suspended cymbal rolls on the Rack instrument.  When I input the notes, the sound comes back correctly through the speakers; however, when I playback the score I get a tom sound.  Is anyone else having similar problems?
Are you using the appropriate notehead and articulations?  Do you have the tremolo marks on the stem to indicate a roll?

Check the readme file for the details.
Hey Keith, thanks for the reply.  It's Keeton from Brookwood!  I do have the correct nomenclature, but for some reason I am having this problem.  I am using 5.2, so there may be an issue there that is not yet resolved.  Take care man!
Hey Mike!!  Good to see you on here.

Beyond the articulations and tremolos on the stem I'm lost.  That is usually my issue, I forgot something needed to trigger the right note.  Sounds like your issue may be a little bigger.

Take care!
I've had this problem as well.  This is what it does for me.  If I'm entering a sus. cym roll on a Rack Combo A part, when I play the note on my midi keyboard, it plays the right instrument.  But when I play the measure in playback, it either plays like a woodblock OR it doesn't play anything at all.

Any help would be appreciated!
And I've noticed this for other instruments as well....  Used to in Sibelius 4, I could manually find my note using different noteheads and assigning staff properties, but now I'm at a loss.

And hey Keith!!  Hope everything is going great for you!!
If you're seeing this problem with Sibelius 5.2 using a score that originated in 5.1, it'll be important that you've converted your old score into the newer 5.2 template.

The playback system in Sibelius 5 is quite a different beast than Sibelius 4, so most likely when you aren't getting the expected sound during playback, it's due to:
1) wrong notehead
2) wrong or missing articulation
3) some sort of text preceding the part that may be causing Sibelius's playback dictionary to be invoked
4) wrong ";instrument"; assigned to the staff, or the instrument change isn't placed on the staff with enough time for the new part to accept it.

Note: sounds which rely on an articulation (i.e. timpani rolls) will not necessarily sound correctly when you simply ";click"; on that note (not during playback, just clicking the note). However during playback they'll sound correct. This is one little quirk that's not immediately obvious.
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