Vibraphone Quit Loading…

Disclaimer:  I searched the FAQs and Forum for similar situations, which did not help resolve the issue below.

Background:  About a month ago, I re-formatted my computer and re-installed the VDL 2.5 DVD.  Everything was fine until about 3 days ago.

Issue:  When I go to load Vibraphones (any version), it flashes the load screen for about 1 second, then places the instrument in the rack, as if it were loaded.  In the “Memory:” section, it shows a “0”, indicating that nothing is loaded.

Note:  Everything works flawlessly, aside from Vibraphones.  I re-installed the libraries and double check their path, and everything works flawlessly, aside from Vibraphones.  I even updated Kontact and Virtual Drum Line via the Native Instruments Service Center and everything works flawlessly, aside from vibraphones, including the updated 4-Octave Vibraphones.

Windows XP
Pentium D
2.80 Ghz Processor
1.00 GB RAM
Finale 2008 (In the process of switching)
VDL 2.5

Any assistance on the matter would be appreciated!


MIght it be possible it is loading in Purged mode for some reason?  If you click on Purge and choose RELOAD ALL SAMPLES does it load with all the sounds?

Thanks for the quick reply.  I have tried that as well, should have put it in my post.  I have clicked on RELOAD ALL SAMPLES and it does nothing.  I even put in a Marima and to verify what is to happen when you click RELAOD ALL SAMPLES.  However, when reloading Vibraphone, it does nothing.

It sounds like a file is missing or corrupt file: maybe one of the .nkx files or the instrument/vibraphone .nki files. 
I think you may be right.  Although I re-installed the libraries (two times), perhaps there is an error on the disk when writing the Vibes.  Can someone check C: Program Files/Tapspace/Virtual Drumline 2.5/Instruments/Vibraphones (if that's where yours are) and see if the file sizes are correct for any of the following:

Vibes Soft (MW) - 9.25 KB
Vibes Rattan - 4.39 KB
Vibes Med (MW) - 9.58 KB
Vibes Hard (MW) - 9.68 KB
Vibe FX - 4.29 KB

The only reason I may disagree that the files are corrupted is that I updated Virtual Drum which installed the 4-Octive Vibes, which do not load as well.

Thanks for the help,

This is a new one for me. Not sure what might be happening. If the .nkx file were missing or corrupted, you'd probably get a ";samples not found"; message when trying to load such instruments.

In regard to the PURGE suggestion, there are two methods of purging. Purge can be done globally or on an instrument specific basis. Just to be sure, when you selected ";reload all samples"; were you doing it via the top ";purge"; button (global), or via the Vibraphone's interface (instrument specific)?

[url=]Click for full size[/url] - [color=#A7A7A7]Uploaded with [url=]plasq[/url]'s [url=]Skitch[/url][/color]

The file sizes for the .nki's you listed looks correct. If you could send me your Vibraphone .nki's, I'll take a look at them to see if something is screwy in the programming, but I'm a little perplexed at the moment. You can send me a PM via the forum.
Sort of a long shot, but I wonder what effect a fragmented hard drive has on many small files like samples.�� Have you used System Tools > Disk Defragmenter lately?
Interesting.  Good call Jesse.  In that case maybe a good idea to run Disk Cleanup and then defrag?
Hey guys,

Just to update and to prevent everyone from racking their brains on this one.  Jim, with his insane amount of information, figured it out by comparing .nkx files.  One of the .nkx files was not written correctly, specifically the one that contains the Vibes. 

There is a tiny scratch on the DVD, that I wouldn't normally believe would effect anything, that perhaps prevents certain programming from being written correctly.

Now, if I can talk Jim into sending a new DVD... ha ha.

Thanks for all the help,

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