Tambourine Bags

In our show, I had planned on having the snare drums play a tambourine part. Any ideas on what type of bag to get to hold the tambourines on their drums while they are on the field? I have tried some home depot canvas tool belts, but they are not cutting it. I think that Cavaliers did something similar in 2001 with splash cymbals... All thoughts welcomed!

I know that the Cavaliers tenor line used them in 98 for a brief portion of the show, so that might be worth checking out.  In 2001, it seemed that the tenors just sewed an extra little pouch onto their existing bags.  A homemade solution of just using black canvas and cutting it to the size you need might work best.  You could sew some plastic pieces into the fabric or between layers of it to give it structure.

Just some thoughts.
In the past I've used naugahyde with coat hanger-type wire sewn into the bag's top seam to keep the bag in an open position.
A simple homemade solution would be simple and easy if you have a band mom who could do it.  We used tambourines in 2003 and all we did was have a mom make a simple rectangle bag with velcro attachments much like the stick bags and used coat hangers in the top and bottom for form.  Just like Bryan said above.  It was simple and if the coat hangers were bent in transit you could just bend them back at the show.  Very easy.  Hope it helps a bit.
This is kind of a splinter idea, but you could use jingle sticks and they would fit into a regular stick bag, or perhaps an over-sized one.  If you need a head on the tambourine, then jingle sticks wouldn't work of course. Just a thought.
In the past Ive used Duvetyne and Gaff tape to make almost all of this kind of stuff.

You can safety pin the homemade bag to any uniform part. Might not be elegant, but it works.


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