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I bought VDL:2 about a year ago and installed it on my machine (PC:Windows) at home shortly after installing Finale 2007. Finally got around to deciding it was time to try the two together, and I am lost. As luck would have it, I cannot find the Tapspace manual that came with VDL:2, and I'm having trouble finding the exact thread here or help file to get me started. What I want to do for now is just have a concert snare exercise play using the VDL:2 concert snare sound. After I figure out how to assign channels/voices properly to get it to playback through Kontakt 2, I can play around with it enough to figure out other features, and eventually (hopefully) get Finale notated percussion ensemble and drum line stuff up and running through it. Problem is, I am completely clueless without the manual here in front of me... to be honest, after the week I've had, I'm not even sure I can make sense of it even with the book in front of me. I know there's probably already a thread for this here, but would someone be willing to walk me through exactly what I need to do to get this one snare etude to play using the snare voice in VDL:2? I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I have very little experience with assigning channels/voices in midi, and really am not too familiar with all of the features of Finale 2007.

So here's where I am, in a nutshell:

-Windows PC with plenty of free memory and speed to run everything
-VDL:2 is fully installed
-Finale 2007 is fully installed
The Kontakt 2 VST appears to have the correct dll file in place
-Have a Cirone 'Portraits' etude written out on Finale (clicked and dragged notation; no midi controller)
-Want this etude to play using the concert snare sample in VDL:2
-Have no manual, no clue how to adjust settings, and can't seem to find exactly what I need in 'help'
-Not too keen on notation software, and can't seem to get my synapses firing enough to figure out much of anything at the moment
-Just want to accomplish this ONE thing, and if I die tonight, I'll die a happy man :P

Can anyone help?
I have changed the subject of your post from ";Completely clueless"; to ";VDL:2 manual";

Per the forum guidelines, try to avoid vague subject titles.
For clarification:

-[b]Kontakt 2[/b] is a program/plugin by Native Instruments that's purchased separately.
-[b]Kontakt Player 1[/b] was included with VDL:2, but you'll see it on your computer as ";Virtual Drumline 2";
-[b]Kontakt Player 2[/b] is included in VDL 2.5. It will not load VDL:2 sounds. Rather than seeing it as ";Virtual Drumline 2.5,"; you'll see it as ";Kontakt Player 2"; in which several libraries may be accessed within one player.

It's important to note that [i]Kontakt[/i] is not the same thing as [i]Kontakt Player.[/i] If you indeed have Kontakt 2 as you mentioned, VDL2 can be loaded into it, however most people usually host VDL sounds in the Kontakt Player that was bundled with VDL. If you're still using VDL2, there's actually a ";VirtualDrumline2.dll"; file that would need to be copied into the ";FinaleVST"; folder in order for you to access that plugin within Finale. So I guess it may help if you can clarify if you're trying to load sounds from VDL:2 into Kontakt2, or if you wish to load them into the Virtual Drumline player that came with VDL:2. You can not load VDL:2 sounds into Kontakt Player 2.

Send me a PM with your registered VDL serial number and I can arrange to have an electronic version of the VDL:2 manual sent to you for reference.

Also - there's a ";Quickstart"; guide for VDL:2 users which you can download from the Tapspace support page. This document was also included in your VDL:2 package. You can download it at:

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