Triangle Retrigger

Hello. I recently bought VDL and even though I am not a percussionist I have to!!!! I can always tell a great sample library when its sounds just ";inspire"; me to compose with it. Thanks for such a great library.

Anyway, I have a question about the three normal triangles. It seems that these can each only sound one sample at a time, even before the sample has died away naturally. I understand the purpose this may have for rolls, open hits, and muted hits in succession, but is there any way (MW/KS/Ped) to disable this feature? I've tried both CC1 and CC20 as well as the sustain pedal, to no avail.

I have a piece where the triangle is hit unmuted multiple times and each time it hits the software stops the previous sample in order to start the new one, almost like the old Roland GS soundsets played the GM triangle and hi-hat. Currently in my case the 9"; Grover sounds the least ";bad."; But this piece is delicate and really could use the Abel instead. I know I can load up additional slots with the exact same instrument and trigger those in succession, but I'm using Sibelius so I'd rather not do that just so it sounds good. Is there a hidden switch somewhere of could this merely be a bug in the programming?
Hi horncomposer. Thanks for the compliments - always great to hear!

You've tapped into a little programming limitation here. Basically, ringing notes were programmed in a way so that they'd cut off at the start of a new note. As you've already figured out, this is to accommodate open/mute parts without the unnatural sound of the open notes unnaturally ringing through. Open/closed HiHats work the same way.

In most cases, you shouldn't hear this cutoff with open notes. However if you're performing them in quick succession like this, you've found it and you'll hear it I'm afraid. There's not an accessible way for you to adjust this from the Kontakt Player. I've gone ahead and done a custom alteration for you to use for your current project.

[url=]Click here for an .nki file[/url] that you can use in place of your current Abel triangle. If you choose to do this, it's important that you name this file EXACTLY the same as the original file or Sibelius will not properly locate it. So you may want to drag the old 'Triangle Abel 6in.nki' file somewhere else if you think you may want to use it in the future prior to dragging this one in its place.

Once you've put this in the proper folder and renamed it to ";Triangle Abel 6in.nki";, launch KP2 in standalone mode and attempt to load it. Doing so may give you a ";Samples Missing"; message. If it does, click the ";Browse for Folder"; button and navigate to your VDL 2.5 folder, and let it spin till all samples have been found and loaded. Then save the instrument using the ";load/save"; button. Relaunch KP2 and attempt loading it again to confirm no ";missing samples"; is received now. If not, you're good to go.

Let me know if this works more to your liking.
Jim Casella, everybody!

[cue applause]
Wow thanks a lot Jim! You didn't have to do that, especially on Labor Day! ;) It does sound better now even though I won't be able to have the muted/open sound in quick succession. But I think that's a fair tradeoff. I kept the other NKI file in that folder, so it's still accessible if I need to use it in Sonar or rename it for Sibelius. I'll also look into possibly adding it into the soundset and making an instrument file.

Thanks again!!
Isn't labor day for laboring? I guess I missed that part. :)

You may still be able to use this one with mute/open stuff if you turn the release knob all the way down. I haven't tested that.

Regardless, as long as you've renamed the file accordingly, there will be no need to create a new instrument or sound set definition in Sibelius. This patch will merely take the place of your previous one and will function the same (minus the auto cutoff feature previously discussed.
It may be a little time consuming (not really) but I go ahead and make the part look the way I want it, and make separate staves to trigger the triangle samples in their own channel. Come print time, I just hide those extra staves.
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