Finale VST

Is there another way to get Finale Allegro to see Virtual Drumline 2.5 as a plug-in because I don't have a FinaleVST folder? I just bought this software and I am already frustrated.
Thanks, but I have already read that about 10 times. Unless I missed something it is not helpful at all.
Did you try using a virtual midi cable?  I'm not a Finale user anymore, but from what I recall, that is the only way to get Finale Allegro to recognize 3rd party sounds through their sampler.

What template are you using?
Yes, I am using the maple midi . I have virtual drumline running in stand-alone mode so I  can hear the sounds that correspond with my notation software. I am using the VDL 2.5 Finale 2007 Template because I am using Finale Allegro.
I called Finale support today only to learn that Finale Allegro wasn't meant to be used with plug-ins. The tech said only the full programs supply plug-in support. I am totally disappointed.

I think you may need to reference this file.  I have updated the FAQ as well on this issue on our FAQ page.

Yes, that's how I have been running Virtual Drumline. Now, I have to figure out how to record play back without outside noise and other annoying sounds in the background.
Audacity can do this.  There are a few posts on here regarding that.  Hope the PDF link I supplied was helpful.
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