Snare crush length

I am new to this forum, so hopefully I am doing this correctly.  I've got most of the basics down with VDL2.5 working with Sibelius 5.2.  Is there a way to shorten the length of the snare crushes?  I've used it in my score, but it comes out way too long for the effect I am looking for.  My instinct is that it has to do with 'midi messages' which I have played with a little but to no success.  I've tried to use the messages to have parts played on the edge of the drum.  Maybe someone can direct me to a forum that I maybe missed that has this information??

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks a lot!

Try writing a decrescendo buzz roll using a 32nd note (or some other short subdivision) then put it in voice 2 (alt + 2 or option + 2 on a mac) then hide it (ctrl + shift + H).�� Then rewrite it the way you want it to look in voice 1. Don't forget to uncheck ";play on pass"; for the notes in voice 1, otherwise you won't get the playback you're wanting.�� I'm guessing you're wanting a [i]very[/i] dry press.�� This might be the closest you'll get.

The only downside here is that even though the notes in voice 2 are hidden, the notespacing rules will stilll apply as if they weren't hidden.

The whole writing in different voices is a great trick for getting what you want to both see and hear. Hope this is what you were looking for.
Keep in mind that there are two crush lengths to choose from. There's a ";fat"; crush which is longer, and there's a ";dry"; crush which is shorter. You may already know this, but just wanted to be sure and point it out.
Yes, I did know about the fat and dry crush.  Problem is the dry crush was also too long for what I was looking for.  I think my answer is in playing with the second voice (32nd note) to get the sound I want.

Thanks a lot guys.
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