Junior High Method Book


I am looking for a rudimental primer geared for the 7th and 8th grade that leads to the more advanced books Tapspace offers.  Do you have anything available or in the works?

Not a Tapspace book, but the solos in the beginning of The Rudimental Cookbook would probably be a good start, though they get harder relatively quickly. Stuff like Bachman's Rudimental Logic could help with fundamentals, but some of the concepts might be a little advanced.
Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone is a great book for anyone.  Good investment for younger students, since they can use it for the rest of their careers.


These are definitely good suggestions. At the moment, we don't really have anything that would fit that bill very well. We did recently create ";a la carte"; versions of Danny Raymond's ";Let it Rip"; snare drum solos. While some of them are quite advanced, others are geared toward beginners or the medium-easy levels. Certainly not full methods, but perhaps some fun solos for your students to consider.

Lalo Davila's Rudimental Book is awesome and of tons of fun to play. They have pre-lessons before the solo to help play the solo and they isolate all the variation of the rudiment through out the etude and it comes with a rockin play-a-long CD. :)
If you are looking at a ";method"; book.  I would highly recommend Kennan Wylie's books.  His ";Simple Steps"; line of books are geared towards teaching beginners and middle school students.  Kennan teaches at Marcus High School in Texas, which has earned numerous awards over the years.  Just a thought.  He does have a website.  http://www.kwylie.com/

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