Playback in Finale 2005 i got vdl 2.5 and ive been attempting to figure out how to get the sounds in kontaktplayer2 to run in finale 2005. ive followed the instuctions PERFECTLY (i think) and it still wont work. I have Windows XP.
One thing that may be messing me up is that i dont have a midi keyboard. it says that you dont need one to use the program, but having one would make it 'much easier'...but i think ill be fine without it.

sooo if anyone would like to help me solve my crisis...heres a step by step list of what i did when attempting to install vdl2.5.

1. downloaded maple midi tools from

2. restarted my cpu

3. opened audio setup in kontaktplayer2 and highlighted 'soundcard'
-left the interface on 'direct sound' (the vdl manual says to change it to ASIO, but that want listed on there)
-Sample rate 44100
-output device 'DS Realtek AC97 Audio' (vdl says for it to be 'ASIO Hammerfall DSP', but thats not there either)
-Output Latency '35'

4. highlighted 'midi'
- all of the outputs are 'off'
-the 1st input (maple midi in: port 1) is 'on'. the rest are 'off'

5. went to and downloaded the finale 2005 template

6. ensured that all staves in the template were set to the proper vdl instrument in the percussion map

the vdl instructions say to go to MIDI setup in finale and change the 'midi in' device to 'USB audio device' and plug in the midi keyboard. buuuuut, since i dont have a midi keyboard i left it at 'maple midi in: port 1'. and i left the 'midi out' device on 'smartmusic softsynth'.

8. went to midi>midi thru and set that to 'smart'

9.loaded vdl snares, vdl tenors, and vdl bass into kontakt player2

10. set the midi channels on BOTH finale 05 instument list and kontaktplayer2 to the same channel (snares channel 1, tenors channel 2, bass channel 3)

11. whenever i enter a note into these 3 staves in finale, a message comes up saying 'the specified device is all ready in use. wait until it is free, and then try again'

going back to #7...

In Finale 2005 midi in doesnt have any other options besides maple midi in: port 1-4

theres two different synth options in midi out
-microsoft gs wavetable sw synth
-smartmusic softsynth

but the error message still comes up for both of these

midi out also has malpe midi out: port 1-4 and 'default midi output device'.

ive tried several different combinations of ins and outs, but i keep getting that same message.

Sounds like a MIDI in/out issue.  I think the MIDI OUT of Maple should be going MIDI IN in Finale.

Since Sibelius and Finale have both been upgraded to host instruments like VDL 2.5, having to use tools like maple midi is a thing of the past.  Things are much easier now.  Might want to spend the $ for an upgrade.  It's been a long time since I've used maple so I can't really remember the correct steps.

You also might want to look into the ";asio4all"; sound card driver so you can use the ASIO setting:

Latency should probably be higher since you don't have a good soundcard.  Maybe 50 if you experience ";scratchy"; sounds.
If you don't have an input device (a midi keyboard) you shouldn't set Finale's input to anything.

Finale goes OUT via Maple.
Then maple sends IN to Kontakt Player.

At no point should you set maple to be an input to Finale. Finale's input should be your midi keyboard if you have one. If you don't, leave Finale's input blank (until you get a midi keyboard). Do you not have the option to set Finale's input to ";none?";

I had it completely backwards in my brain- I'll stop giving ";tips"; on things I haven't done in a couple years :)
ah, thank you VERY much mr casella. it is working now :)

for some reason i thought that setting the midi in to 'none' would = no sound haha.
that was really pretty simple.
It'll make it easier if you think about the signal flow of the setup.

Since Finale generates the MIDI signal (the notes on the page), that would be the starting point for the chain, and then would have to go out/through VDL to make the samples fire.
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