Virtual Midi Keyboard and Finale 2008

First I wanted to say that I am having a blast with VDL 2.5, I discovered it on-line 6 months ago and it has started me on a new (old) hobby bordering on obsession.  Thanks, Jim (sincerely)!  On to VMK ... I recently ordered a laptop (Dell Studio) with specs more than sufficient to run Finale 2008 with the VDL 2.5 plug-in.  For portability.  I was experimenting with using a VMK when I discovered Coach's thread here and tutorial.  The tutorial covers the stand-alone set-up.  I wanted to add that the plug-in set-up is just as easy.  You still need Midi-Yoke (I prefer to maple midi), there is no special set-up for KP2 (since its a plug-in you can't re-set the midi settings anyway) other than channel assignments for instruments.  In the Finale set-up midi set-up, Midi input will be same port as you assigned in the VMK settings (in the tutorial example, its Port 4) and in Midi Output, I used Port 1 (I suspect you can use any other Port here except for 4).  Notation only works with Speedy entry, using the caplock function.  However, I find minimal delay inputting notes quickly and longer delays when I am inputting more slowly. 

Hope this helps someone else.  Enjoy.

BTW ... my set up is a Dell Dimension 4700, P4, 2GB RAM (2.8GHz), 7200 RPM Harddrive, CD Soundblaster X-Fi 5.1 Soundcard, with Finale 2008 and VDL 2.5
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Thanks for the additional information Todd.  Hopefully that will assist others in finding great solutions for using VDL and a notation program without a physical MIDI Keyboard.

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