VDL 2.5 used in Sports Promo/Commercial

I was hired this summer to write/produce a drum groove for use in TV commercials/promo spots for a high school sports concept ";Catch It Kansas"; for TV station in Wichita, KS.  You can hear the final product via the link below.  It's the video that is around 10 minutes long - the audio starts ~10 seconds in after some annoying cheerleaders screaming and lasts for about 40 seconds.  I have yet to find a web posting of an actual commercial to share with the Tapspace community...but I will once I'm aware of it.


I'll try to post some screenshots of the production process in the ";Helpful Hint & Tutorials"; section when I find the time.  Feel free to comment/ask questions as you like.

Thanks to Tapspace for creating such a great product in VDL.  And a special thanks to Jim Casella who offered some valuable advice for this endeavor.
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