Silly Question about Sib 5.2

If I created a wind score in Sib 5.2, then months later decided to add VDL 2.5 sounds to it, right now I would have to open the VDL 2.5 template, then copy the wind score into the new drum score.  Or create the wind score from the VDL 2.5 template and just leave it blank till I'm ready to write.

My question is, why can't I find the VDL 2.5 instruments under the ";Add Instruments"; menu, if I am using a file other than the VDL 2.5 template?  The same happens if you try to create a score using the ";Score Setup,"; you are unable to find the VDL 2.5 instrument collection.  What makes this the case?  And is there a way to add VDL 2.5 instrument into that menu?

Read up a bit about Sound Sets, that will help it make a little more sense. The only way to access the VDL sounds are either through the template, or importing the House Style. Do a quick search on this forum and that will explain how to do it. I would explain but my nagging... I mean... wonderful wife is telling me to get off the computer:)

Good luck!
Yep, you have to export a House Style from the VDL template, then import that same House Style into your wind score in order for the VDL instruments to show up.
We didn't know until recently, but apparently not all of the notehead definitions are being copied like they're supposed to when exporting/importing the Template House Style.

So for the time being, you may find things to work a little bit better if you add your wind instruments to a copy of the Template.
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