Sibelius with VDL phasing issues

Today was the first time i just tried writting something that involves more than just percussion so i had to use a combo of VDL Kontakt player playback and the defualt microsoft GS wavetable SW synth for the regular band instruments and i came in to 2 issues. THe first and most major issue was that the VDL drumline instruments were like a tad slower and delayed in the playback compared to the sibelius instruments which created nasty phasing and then second issue was that even after adjusting the dynamics and the mixer level of the instruments VDL is always so quite. Anyone here ever had this problem? any tips? thank you very much
If you are actually using a legit copy of Sibelius 5 and you installed the sounds that come loaded on the disk, it should have come with Sibelius Essentials, whose soundset is available in the same place where you select the VDL soundset.  If you don't have Essentials, then I'm not sure what to tell you, as I'm not aware of a way to tweak the latency settings for general midi sounds produced with the default windows midi drivers.  This was possible in Sib4, but not 5.  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I just opened it up to check and didn't see anything.
As Bryan said, it may be worth it to try using the Essentials sounds. Also worth checking may be the settings under ";Buffer Size"; and ";Sample Rate"; menus -- from the ";Playback Devices"; window, choose Audio Engine Options near the bottom. Sample Rate should probably be set to 44.1 KHz and Buffer Size might likely be 1024 for optimal results.

Hope this helps!
For some reason i could'nt get the sibelius sound essentials but correct me if im wrong the problem was becuase Vst's like kotakt player with VDL create a bit of a lag so i downloaded this Sfz vst and some sound fonts from that and it all lines up now.
thanks guys
I'm glad to hear you found a solution to your problem, and yes, the latency is a result of the extra work being done by the processor to trigger the samples.

Also, in the future, try to adhere to the guidelines of the forum with regards to grammar and constructing coherent sentences.
[quote author=Bryan Harmsen link=topic=2738.msg14570#msg14570 date=1222221769]

Also, in the future, try to adhere to the guidelines of the forum with regards to grammar and constructing coherent sentencess.

";sentencess";... ha... that's funny
I was testing the spellchecker and forgot to change it back to the correct version before posting... Freudian slip perhaps.  The spell check doesn't work in the RSS reader web browser in which I have been reading posts, so I was more concerned with making sure that feature still worked. 

Thanks for keeping me in line, Ralph ;-)
I don't know if this is the best solution, but you could also do this:

Select all Staves that are playing ahead.
Open the properties window.
Go to playback.
Check 'Live Start Position'
Tweak to your liking.

I've used this a couple of times and it seems to do the trick. Not specifically the troubles you are having, But hopefully it's of use.

";Also, in the future, try to adhere to the guidelines of the forum with regards to grammar and constructing coherent sentences.";

How about:  ";";Parenthetically, kindly follow Forum writing style guidelines.";  (?) :)

I have the same latency and volume problems.  I'm using Sibelius 5.2 and Garritan Jazz and Big Band.  I'm attempting to combine the latter with MS Wavetable sounds.  In a nutshell, are VST and Wavetable sounds compatible or not?

You should be using the Sibelius ";Sounds Essentials"; on the DVD and not the stock wavetable sounds.  This way you're using the same engine or whatever.  In fact, many of the sounds included with Sibelius 5 are better than the Garritan stuff.
[font=Verdana][color=blue][font=Verdana][font=Verdana][font=Verdana]Thanks for the reply!

I just got a book (I assume I can mention this???) entitled ";Mastering Sibelius 5.";

Now I am beginning to understand some of the ";computerish"; concepts that are extant here!

When I first got my Sibelius, all I did was copy Real Book tunes to get the hang writing on the computer...

Then I wrote some compositions using the built-in sounds (";Microsoft GS Wavetable"; = ";MSGSWT";).

Since I'm not a ";computer person"; (I'm a Jazz saxophonist), I didn't know that the MSGSWT sounds ";clashed"; (for lack of a better word) with virtual instruments regarding timing, etc.  It makes sense that they do, however, if one considers the amount of computing power needed.

So I've not used the SSE (Sibelius Sounds Essentials) yet.  SSE contains Garritan and other sounds.

So now I'm replacing my MSGSWT sounds with GJABB and SSE sounds. 

So far, I've loaded some non-percussion parts, and they sound astronomically better that MGSW!

And I've scrapped the idea of mixing virtual with MSGSWT sounds....

On to the percussion parts....  Perhaps I should buy the VDL???

- Jeff[/font][/font][/font][/color][/font]
[quote author=JSN link=topic=2738.msg15086#msg15086 date=1228458584]
[font=Verdana]On to the percussion parts....  Perhaps I should buy the VDL???[/font][/quote]If you think the dinstruments sound astronomically better than the default GM sounds, you will be amazed at how much better VDL's percussion sounds are than Sibelius's stock offerings (excluding the included VDL sub-set, of course).
Thanks for the recommendation Joe! The VDL subset of sounds found within Essentials only starts to scratch the surface of what's available in VDL.

For clarity it's worth mentioning:

[b]Sibelius Essentials[/b] contains a small subset of sounds from Garritan Jazz & Big Band, Personal Orchestra, and Concert and Marching Band libraries. It also contains a very small subset of sounds from Virtual Drumline.

We occasionally get support questions for VDL only to realize once we're in the thick of it, that the question actually pertains to [i]Essentials[/i], which isn't a Tapspace product. It's designed by Sibelius.

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