extracting parts in sibelius 5.2

I write marching music with another composer using sibelius 5.2. He sends me the master score and I attach my drum parts to the bottom. I am using 5.2 with VDL 2.5 with the latest updates. Sounds and everything work ok but when I extract the snare, tenor and bass parts using the new parts manager, I get a line of music that stretches from start to finish. Not a page that goes from top to bottom, just one huge line. The navigator option also disappears for that part. The order that I am doing this is 1. open the score. 2. Import house style (from vdl template) 3. create instruments (vdl snare, tenor, bass) and then write parts and 4. Window/Parts, then double click bass drum etc. or go to extract part. Either way I get the one hugh line. I attached a picture. I can get around it by making a new part and copy and paste into them. Anyone else have this problem or know of a fix. My guess it is some glitch with the house style and the new parts manager in 5.2. Also I am on a mac using 10.5.5
Are you sure that you're not in Panorama mode? shift + p toggles between regular layout and panorama.
That's definitely panorama mode.
Thanks. I feel dumb but I guess that is what this forum is for. Must have hit (shift p) when entering sticking instead of (command p). Didn't even know there was such a thing as panorama mode. Thanks again
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