Tied Rolls

Here's my dilemma: I want to write a two-note marimba roll that lasts for two bars. When I tie them together, which is musically correct, the roll sound does not happen -- just a natural hit sounds. So this leads me to assume you cannot have the roll sound with a tied note.

I tried using a slur instead: this gives me the correct roll sound, but it doesn't look right. Why? Because I'm using a two-note roll which requires two tie lines (for both notes) -- one bending up and one bending down. I tried using two slurs, but it just doesn't look great at all (this is a composition project so it must looked ready for publishing).

Also, I can also hear the notes re-attack on the second bar since it is a slur and not a tie.

Is there any way around this? Should the roll sound not work when using a tie? If so, is this an issue that will be later fixed? (not that it's an important one at all. This seems pretty obscure.) Thanks.

P. Jacobs

Sib or Finale?
oops, that's some pretty important info ay? Sib 5.2
Hmmm, I'm having the same issue. I thought it was just me, but perhaps not. I'm also on Sibelius 5.2, and my problem instrument is Xylo Bright.
im having the same exact problem. i'm having it with all of the marimba sounds. kinda of a weird thing.
If noone else chimes in with a solution before your project is due, you can always use layers. I don't have time to fully explain all the steps, hopefully you can figure them out:)

Make it sound the way you want in Layer 2 without caring about how it looks. Once it sounds correct, highlight the measures, pick Layer 2 only, and then hide them (Ctrl-Shift- H I think?).

Then using layer 1, make it LOOK the way you want regardless of how it sounds. Once it looks correct, highlight the measures, pick Layer 1 only, and set the Playback Velocity to 0.

That way it will look right and it will also sound right.

Give that a try, good luck.

Hmmm...I'm not able to reproduce this error on my end. If you're using Sib 5.2 with the correct Tapspace template, you should be able to notate the rolls in a normal fashion using tremolo markings, and Sibelius should know to trigger the correct roll sound. I've attached a screen shot of the file I made trying to reproduce this error. I used the Xylo Bright (MW) and Marimba RoseW Soft LITE instruments for this file.

Can you produce a screenshot of what your score looks like in this area? Since a few people have chimed in I'm wondering what I might be missing here...
i am also having the same exact issue....anyone solve it?
I'm not sure if this image showed up. I was totally confused on how to post an image on here, heh. Anyways, if you see the image: Example A is tied, exmaple B is slurred. I got the slurred notes to look alright, but it took some extra time and work to do it. I have a lot of connected rolls in this project on several parts, so it would save me some time if the tied notes would work :). Also, the slurred notes obviously re-attack the sound, so avoiding that would be fantazgreat.

Here is a link to the image just in case:

btw, Using multiple layers is a great idea; although, then I will get two tremolo markings, one on top and one on bottom.
btw, here is an example of what the slurred version looks like without any tweaking. This could probably be confusing if read as a tie and it doesn't look quite professional.
Thanks, Ralph, you solved my problem! Should have asked you last night when we were hangin'

Does anyone know why the suspended cymbal roll noteheads are regular instead of x ? It bothers me when I write a roll with a crash on the release, and the roll notehead is different than the crash notehead. Guess I could try to go behind the scenes and change it, just curious.

John Best

[quote author=johnfbest link=topic=2741.msg14615#msg14615 date=1222625294]
... Guess I could try to go behind the scenes and change it ...

You can easily change this and other noteheads to suit your personal preferences.
my ties are still messed up....plays perfectly fine without the tie but with the tie it just plays the attack and then right at the end of the duration of the tie....
Anyone with tie problems

I went through my archived emails but was unable to find what I was looking for.

Anyway, if I remember correctly, one of the Sibelius guys said that there was some sort of glitch with the ties. Don't remember exactly what it was, but something. You may want to give the Sib 5.2.5 update a shot and see if you have the same problem using that.

If you give it a go, let us know how you fair.

Oh, and as this is a Sibelius problem, feel free to address the Sibelius forum.
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