New Microsoft Keyboard for I-MAC: can't access accents

To make a long story short--I'm having physical issues with
my right arm and hand.  The office of Environmental Safety
provided me with a new keyboard for my office/I-Mac.  It
is ergonomic in design and should help me with my work.
It's a Microsoft Wireless 3000. 

Here's the problem:  When I try to enter an accent using the
slash key on the number pad (/), I'm not getting an accent.
I tried all three keys to the right of NUMBER lock and none of
the keys provides an accent.

Anyone know what might be the problem or what needs to be
changed to produce an accent?

I'm using Sibelius 5.2 and VDL 2.5.1

Hey Neal,

Is there software to install with the keyboard? If so, maybe there's a way to configure the numeric keypad buttons using that software. Since Sibelius is probably looking for an ";="; sign from the numeric keypad, I'm not sure if there's a way to trick out Sibelius with a keyboard that doesn't have this key?

I downloaded the software and installed it.  The
number pad is still not functioning correctly. When
you hit ";/"; you get a staccato ";.";; When you the
asterisk key you get a tenuto ";-";; and when
you hit the key farthest to the right, you
get nothing.  Was I supposed to change a
setting? Alter something after installing the

Take care,
At this point I'm wondering if there's just an incompatibility with that particular keyboard and Sibelius. I think Sibelius is pretty particular about the keypad functions; I can remember having similar issues years back when trying to use Sib with one of those portable numeric keypads. You might try asking Gabe (Cobybos on the forum), as he is now working for Sibelius. He may be able to give a more accurate picture of what you'd have to do.
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