Correct settings for I-Mac/Wire Tap Pro/Ambient sounds???

Good afternoon,

For some strange reason, and I swear that I have not
altered anything, when I use Wiretap Pro the resulting recording
is including ambient sounds.  What settings in the I-Mac and
Wiretap Pro would allow me to record my Sibelius files
and not include me eating carrots at my desk:-)? 

Sibelius 5.2
VDL 2.5.1


I'm not in front of my iMac at the moment, but I think what you need to change is a setting in Wiretap Pro.  It sounds like the input for WTP is set to Mac Audio AND microphone, which may be using the built in mic of the iMac.  Under the three buttons (record-stop-pause) you should see a speaker connected to two different mics.  Click that until the field below it reads ";Mac Audio"; only.



Hello!  Hope all is well up your way.  I
use Wiretap Studio and it is set to:  Default Device (built-in microphone)
and Mac Audio.

Not sure about studio, but, you should be able to change the setting to just ";Mac Audio";.
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