2.5 Audio Setup Not Recognizing New Firewire Interface

I'm using VDL2.5 on 2 GHz Intel Core Duo Mac.

Running 2.5 in standalone and would like to change the interface from CoreAudio to the PreSonus FireBox. The interface is recognized in the Audio/MIDI preferences for the OS, and is not recognized within the 2.5 application. The FireBox is set as the default input/output for the OS. All audio signal is being sent via firewire to the interface except for virtual instruments loaded into the 2.5 Kontakt Player.

How can I switch from CoreAudio to the firewire interface within the Kontakt Player Application?
The firebox is recognized in the MIDI tab of the Audio Setup of the app, but not in the Soundcard tab. And I'm thinking this is where the issue is.

Any help would be great!

Thanks Tapspace,

Tony Nunez

Open the Kontakt Player and navigate to Options -> Audio Engine Tab -> Open Audio and MIDI settings dialog.

What is the output device set to?
Built -in Output is selected.

Other options within that pulldown are:

Built-in Input
Built-in Output
Hey Tony,

This may be a stupid question, but did you install the drivers from PreSonus? Additionally, in searching NI's forum, I stumbled on this one, which may be relevant. I would think you wouldn't have to do this and that the device would just show up but there's still a lot about this stuff I don't understand.

[b]I have no access to my audio device in the Audio & Midi settings of my software - (Mac)[/b]

In order to fix this problem, please create an ";Aggregate Device";.

An Aggregate Device is an audio interface that virtually exists in your computer. It uses audio inputs and outputs of one or more real audio interfaces which are connected to your computer.

How to setup an Aggregate Device:

1. Open the OS X ";Audio and MIDI setup"; (MacHD/Applications/Utilities) and click on Audio and open the aggregate device editor.

2. By clicking on the ";+"; button you can add a new device. Below you should see a list of real audio interfaces currently connected to your computer. Click on the check box to enable interfaces as needed for this aggregate device. Close the editor when done.

3. In the Audio settings window of the audio application you can now choose this ";aggregate device"; as your output device.

4. For Native Instruments standalone applications also setup the inputs and outputs as necessary under the Audio Settings window on the Routing tab.


Hope this helps, and that you're doing well!
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