afro-cuban triangle playing

So I'm writing an indoor show, and I wanted to add an effect with several players playing triangles in the afro-cuban style where the triangle is held in the hand and muted with the fingers or left open for two different sounds. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind of playing and could recommend a good triangle for this type of thing.
Using 'trigger triangles' from Rhythm Tech might be a good way to go...

Check 'em out:
If you are wanting authenticity.... You will want to find a fairly large triangle that has a more dull sound. This type of Triangle playing is not known for it's beautiful overtones. LOL! All of the ones I have played in groups....I have made my self. In the traditional style these triangles are made from scrap metal. I went to home depot and bought a few metal rods with various thickness. I used a clamp and bent the metal into 12-14in angles - cut off the excess and used the excess as a beater. If you have someone that can bend iron . . .You can get some pretty cool sounds. Experiment with various types of beaters for clarity. And of course teach the kids how to toss and move the beater in time which is the fun part. :) Hope that helps.
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