Having staff notation style issues

I don't really know how to word this correctly, but I'll do my best. I use Finale 2008a on a PC. I have started working together with a friend to write complete band shows some time back. We have recently started moving forward with our work and opened up the ";master band score"; that we put together with the horns and drums and pit all in one. I may have done something way wrong because I noticed when I started to write in some of the percussion notes, they would be way above/below the staff. Sweet, easy fix. Let me just load in the ";Rack Combo A"; notation style to this staff and all should be fixed.

Here's the problem. None of these libraries are in there. There are a few libraries for ";VDL for Garritan"; but none of the typical ones that you would see when loading up the VDL libraries. Battery included.

I have run into this problem before when just using the MIDI finale drum notation and learned to use the ";load library"; feature to get the correct drum maps into the notation style window (if that makes any sense). I just don't see where to load up the VDL libraries.

Can anybody help? Thanks in advance if you can!

Brian D.

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Tyler, I love you.

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Easy, Tex
Tyler, I love you.
Open one of the VDL Templates.  Go under the File Menu and choose Save Library.  In the Save Library Dialog Box, choose ";Percussion Maps";.  Save them as ";VDL Maps"; or something that you'd be able to recognize.

In your full score, go under the File Menu and choose Load Library.  Load in the library we just saved.

You should be set then.

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