Newbie need help! correct sounds vs. mapping/notation

Ok, let me see if I can put all this into words...

first off, I have: newly purchased VDL 2.5, sibelius 5.1, mac os 10.5.5, and a yamaha psr295 keyboard. after having spent several hours today trying to understand this new midi and mapping language, I must say that I think I've got it. However, when using the keyboard to input notes into either the tenor or bass staff, the notation that occurs does not agree with sounds that are produced.

example: when trying to enter a simple down and up pattern with a 5 drum bass split part, the sounds will be correct but the written notation will be something along the lines of d4 square note head, e4 x head, e4 diamond head, and so on and so forth.

Again, I have spent several hours searching the forum for similar questions but to no avail. Any help that could be offered would be most appreciated!! Thanks!!

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I'm guessing that you are not using the Template. You can get it here:

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