re: Middle School Drumline

Hey guys,

I'm noticing in the Houston area there are middle school drumlines starting to show up. They usually start as a high school dumping off their old drums to their feeders, but I'm starting to now see schools spending their fundraising money on new marching drums for their 6-8 graders!?!?!

I'm doing one at the High School and inviting my 7 and 8th grade to participate. It's pretty much a primer for high school and a way to maintain my connection with my 3 feeders since I can't make it to all of them. But this ain't gonna happen every year. . . . I'm losing enough hair as it is. . .
I taught at a small high school that was grades 7-12 as a side project to my primary gig several years ago.  The 7th and 8th graders performed surprisingly well and had great attitudes. 

Ralph, I think it may depend on the band director and their influences.  We have two middle schools that feed in to our high school.  When we bought a new set of marching percussion 4 years ago, one director did not want any of the old drums.  The other wanted some of the old marching drums for her percussion students.  She has very close connections with some of the Texas band directors, having been past national president of the Women Band Directors International.  She informs me that some middle school directors in south Houston, and other areas, have been asked to play for school pep rallies (seems to be increasing). From that point, it may be expanding into something more for some middle school bands.
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