New SCV Percussion Audition Downloads now available!

After much compiling, we have just made the initial launch of the latest SCV Audition materials. This initial launch offers [b]Battery Drum (snare, tenor, bass)[/b] packets and [b]Cymbal Line[/b] packets available for immediate download. Downloadable packets for the Front Ensemble will be available a few days after the initial launch.

These downloadable products are extracted in part from the upcoming DVD, SCV Percussion Auditions. In addition to the usual collection of music and exercises to learn from, this DVD will contain nearly three hours of detailed instruction from SCV battery caption manager, Murray Gusseck and cymbal instructor, Leo Sanchez. Whether you're auditioning for SCV or just interested in their unique approach to percussion, this product offers a wealth of information for players or instructors.

You can learn more about the downloadable SCV Percussion Audition Packets [b][url=]here[/url].[/b]

Information on the upcoming SCV Percussion Auditions DVD will be coming soon.
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