Please help

Everything for Sibelius and VDL have been working swimmingly for me.  I have had 0 problems until this morning.  I needed to make a minor edit on a part and now Sibelius won't open.  This is the message I receive.

Error:could not read encrypted sample (library not registered?_

Like I said, it's been smooth sailing until now, and I can't seem to figure out what has went wrong and how to remedy the problem.  If this question has already been addressed I apologize but then someone please point me in the right direction about where, when, and so forth.  Thanks so much!
It sounds like you didn't register Virtual Drumline and the grace period ended. Open the Native Instruments Service Center, register VDL, then you should be all set to go.

Wait... are you using VDL 1 or VDL 2?
Registering VDL should solve your issues then.
I thought I did that, but I will retry it when I get home this evening.  Either way, I really appreciate the help!!!

That is the issue, but here's the other issue.  My imac is brand new.  I bought it 2 months ago or so.  I'm having trouble figuring out all the ins and outs of the differences with all the new leopard issues.  I have to download installers for the installers and what not.  I super-upgraded, and this is my punishment:)  I tried to register but have not been able to get to the service center.  .......
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