Lack of Political Posts

And no, I'm not going to try to get you to vote one way or another with this post.

I just want to say how great it is that there [b]aren't[/b] any political posts on the Tapspace Board. At least, no posts that are overtly political. Politics have come up here before, but they are usually in the context of a smaller issue. No ";vote for Obama!"; or ";vote for McCain!"; here.

One of the other music boards I read has been virtually taken over with political posts and it is really irritating. Let's face it: by now, everyone knows who they are going to vote for (heck, I voted early yesterday!). I have no more chance of persuading you than the opposing candidate himself does. All of the posts on this other board declaring their disdane or admiration of a particular candidate is just clutter and does nothing but aggrevate bi-partisan feelings in our country.

Having read some of the posts that have hinted at some politics, I can clearly say that I would disagree with what some of you are saying. But, thank our Founding Fathers that you have the right to say it, I have the right to disagree and we still live in a free country.

And drum.

And that's the most important part.

I think internet forums are a bad place to argue politics (or debate almost anything) because people often behave like brats when they're typing on a computer.  The bullies are set in their ways and go head-to-head just to be rude.  I only visit a few forums: Tapspace, a motorcycle track riders forum, and a couple computer ones- all because they don't have ideological or religious battles.
Well said guys. It's amazing how confident some people can be when they post anonymously.

Well said gents!
Agreed!  Most forums are not the place to argue politics.  Keep an open mind and vote based on your convictions!

I like Eric's statement:
[quote author=erath link=topic=2790.msg14817#msg14817 date=1225381567]But, thank our Founding Fathers that you have the right to say it, I have the right to disagree and we still live in a free country.
[b]And drum[/b]. [/quote]

Thanks for posting this here Eric! I agree, and find it nice that we didn't even have to request refraining from political banter. The folks here are all decent enough to keep things constructive and welcoming.

We can all learn from other's differing opinions, but this probably isn't the forum for doing that politically. I voted last week and it felt great. So here's my one political request...

[size=14pt][i]Go vote. Go early if you can.[/i][/size]

heh- so Tapspace officially endorses... voting.  :)

-just wanted to add that many states offer absentee voting, even if you're not going to be absent.  There are also good sites like that will generate all of the voter registration forms for you, so all you have to do is print and mail it in.
Amen to that. It doesn't matter who you support, McCain or Obama, Windows or Mac... wait... just vote. That's the important thing. Vote.
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