extended technique - "cross-shot"?

I just started working on the ";Lonely City Suite"; snare solo by Jason Baker, and in the program notes he mentions that he employs a ";cross-shot."; He says it is an extended technique, making me think it's something fun and flashy, but is this not just an orchestral rimshot? I Googled this out the wazoo and I couldn't find the term ";cross-shot"; used anywhere specifically, and I've never heard the term before personally.

Does anyone have any insight on this?


I obviously can't speak for Jason, but in my experience a cross-shot is the same as a rim knock, where the stick is laid with one end on the head while the other end hits the rim.  The actual sound you'll get will vary based on where you have the end touching the head.  Hope this helps.
I don't have the music in front of me to reference, but maybe it would help to read along with your sheet music while listening to the live recordings. They're available [url=http://tapspace.com/lcs.html]here[/url]. Since it's Jason Baker performing these, I'd take that as a pretty solid source.

My first inclination was what you were originally thinking (like an orchestral rimshot). Since our terminologies can vary here and there, this is one of the side effects. When in doubt, interpret. :)
When all else fails, try youtube!!! lol...

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