For all you John Williams fans

haha murray.
Here's another. This one's a little long, but pretty cool if you're a fan of John Williams.
I also like the ";player"; shirt with the ";play"; logo and ";er"; beside it.  Good stuff...
I want the ";That's What She Said"; t-shirt he is wearing.
I wish I had the kind of time it would take to make that.

VERY cool stuff!
[quote author=J Mattson link=topic=2811.msg14920#msg14920 date=1226644501]
The geek in me [i]wants[/i] to like it.  :/

Let your inner [i]music geek[/i] overshadow your inner [i]star wars geek[/i] and you should be in business. :)
The geek in me [i]wants[/i] to like it.  :/
:)  This is creative.  John Williams is the man!  Reminds me of a college buddy that could come up the craziest lyrics using almost any melody.
I like nuggets.
Nice. Every now and then a nugget like this pops up on YouTube :-)
Excellent! Makes me wish I could sing, or had much more free time!
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