Star Wars Analogies...

Yo. So, I make a lot of Star Wars references (episode 4 mainly) when I'm teaching.

Now, I'm finding that many of my students haven't seen Star Wars and I've been contemplating showing the movie at the end of the semester during their final exam. But, I would like to put a musical spin on it.

If you've found yourself drawing these sorts of analogies, would you share them here? Thanks!
That is AWESOME!!!!!!!
Bringing up an old topic -- Our state concert band assessment is coming and we've been working on the our sight reading and developing a routine for the prep time we have.  Rule #1 is no talking in the sight reading room (unless asking me a question obviously).  Rule #2 is to stay where I am.  I don't want a question about the end of the piece if I'm discussing the middle, for example.  In other words, everyone should be at the same point of focus.  I brought up the example from The Phantom Menace when Qui Gon tells Obi Wan ";Keep your attention here and now, where it belongs."; 

Rule #2 has become ";Listen to Qui Gon Jinn.";  :) 
How did I (1st bass) end up with a shorter light saber than everyone else on the bassline? :-)

Thanks, Leone.
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