Fantastic iPhone App for Sibelius/Mac Users


[url=]Blamuda[/url] has released a great $1.99 application on the AppStore called NumberKey which turns your iPhone into a numpad. 

This has obvious benefits for Sibelius users who find themselves working on laptops, and when combined with the free Mac application to pair the device you get a convenient numpad peripheral that's always in your pocket.

The application does exactly what it's supposed to, and unlike many numpad peripherals available for your laptop it sends true numpad keycodes to the OS--which Sibelius has no problem recognizing.

This application is Mac only at the moment, but they plan on releasing a Windows version as well.  I've been using it in my writing today and really enjoy it--it's a nice alternative to lugging around a keyboard/peripheral or remapping your Sibelius shortcuts for a laptop. 

My Sprint contract can not end soon enough :(
Gabe recently told me about this too, and I immediately picked it up. Very slick! No more need to tote around a clumsy USB keypad when traveling.
VERY cool!
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