Cold weather and keyboards

Good afternoon all,

My directors are seeking a remedy for cold weather
and keyboards.  We all know what happens:  keyboards go
sharp and the winds go flat.  Diverging pitch directions.
My guess is that even blankets on the boards would not
make a discernible difference once the keyboards were
exposed to the air.  But, in the interest of research, and
anecdotally so, if you think there is something that can
help lessen the pitch difference between keyboards and winds
in colder weather, please do let me know.


p.s.  It does get cold in Alabama.  We had our sectionals
last evening and it was in the 30's.
I know of groups using heated blankets somehow hooked up to a power source.
It is a matter of proportional unpleasantness.

If your body is cold enough, you will not notice the pitch of your instruments as much!!
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