Sibelius 5.2 Template Missing non VDL Instruments?

Curious if I am missing something. My signature may not say, but I am using the latest to date of everything. Sibelius, Kontakt Player, VDL, Garritan Libraries, the whole nine. Usually I write for small ensembles or parts of an ensemble. I decided to pursue something of my own. Really my own Drum Corps piece (we can all dream someone will play it someday right, lol). Well I'm placing everything in one score and decided that it would be smartest to start with the VDL Template because of how the template and library lines up perfectly.

Problem is that inside of this template, things like the Keyed Bb Trumpet are missing. Is this just me???

I thought maybe instrument choice was dictated by the libraries you have are using in the playback devices, but no luck there. Created a setting utilizing every library I have and still no Bb Trumpet (not the [no key] one). Any advice???

P.S. I also tried reinstalling the VDL Soundset and Template, no luck there either. Thanks in Advance. Peace...
Unfortunately, this is a problem with the current 5.2 template. The good news is it's relatively painless to fix. Here's the topic that explains what you're seeing. Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll try to get this fixed before too long.
As always, thank you!!! I didn't quite look hard enough for that link.
No worries. It's a little buried and took me a little digging to find as well. I knew it was there somewhere though. :)
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